A tailor-made market intelligence platform for freight traders

Sparta for Freight will be tailor-made to meet the needs of the freight market, giving you easy access to actionable, real-time market intelligence. Built by freight traders for freight traders, providing cross-barrel actionable insights driven by Sparta’s industry-leading Global ARBs for unmatched trade and vessel positioning.


Access to global insights

Sparta’s physical market information, combined with industry-leading forward-looking arbitrage models, enables traders to anticipate global trade flows, position vessels, and trade paper with unmatched accuracy and conviction.


Speed to market

The freight market moves fast. Sparta sources, processes and analyses market data for you, eliminating time-consuming data management and allowing you to capture market opportunities as soon as they arise.


High-quality data

Sparta sources and cleans high-quality freight data from world-leading brokerages and data houses for you, so you always have reliable insights on demand.

Sparta User

“``You can definitely tell Sparta was designed with the Trader and Analyst workflow in mind.``.”

Sparta User

“This is impressive. I haven’t seen anything like this before.”

Sparta User

“I stopped updating my Excel sheet 4 months ago.”

Sparta User

“I’ve not run a manual blend in months.”

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