A tailor-made market intelligence platform for gasoline traders

Sparta for Gasoline is tailor-made to meet the needs of gasoline traders, giving you easy access to actionable, real-time market intelligence. We provide specific insights and tools that gasoline market participants need under one platform to trade with conviction and capture opportunities first.


Access to global insights

Sparta enables all gasoline traders, big and small, to access global market intelligence without the need to place traders in every trading location. Get actionable gasoline market insights on demand.


Speed to market

Gasoline markets move fast, which means you need to seize trading opportunities when they arise. Sparta’s gasoline blender prices are updated every 15 minutes, giving you the latest insights at your fingertips.


High-quality data

We give you information you can trust as well as at speed. Sparta sources and cleans high-quality gasoline data from world-leading brokerages and data houses for you, so you always have reliable insights on demand.

Built to meet the needs of gasoline traders

Trade the gasoline market with clarity and conviction

Seizing time-sensitive opportunities is crucial for success. Gasoline traders must quickly capitalise on fluctuations caused by geopolitical events, seasonal demand changes, and regulatory shifts affecting gasoline prices. The gasoline market is saturated with unstructured data from untrusted sources. It can be challenging to navigate this and clearly understand what data is relevant or trustworthy.

Unparalleled, real-time intelligence for the gasoline market

Sparta’s physical gasoline market information, combined with industry-leading live blending and clean freight models, delivers live, forward-looking insight into pricing for all blending regions and how that impacts the global gasoline market, enabling users to place or source barrels as well as trade paper spreads with greater accuracy and conviction.

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Powerful features to trade gasoline with conviction

The Sparta gasoline platform is your purpose-built tool to unlock data insights, access expert analytics, and test your trading hypotheses. Our features and solutions enable gasoline traders to identify and seize more trading opportunities.

Real-time access to global pricing

Live Curves is your complete gasoline pricing suite, giving you real-time global gasoline pricing information at your fingertips including futures, swaps, physical and freight. Access real-time prices for the futures market across Brent, WTI, gasoil, heating oil and gasoline future contracts. Compare, contrast and analyse historical seasonal pricing trends to identify new patterns and opportunities with access to historical forward prices. Accessible from anywhere in the world via a web browser, Sparta’s mobile iOS application, or Excel.

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Up-to-date and reliable freight rates

Sparta’s Freight Calculator delivers instant access to reliable prompt and forward freight rates for over 2,000 global routes across vessel classes. By using spot market assessments in combination with historical data and extrapolation, we provide immediate access to current market-assessed prices while also providing insight into what the forward market may look like. Sparta is the only provider to offer 12 months’ insight into the forward market, helping you to negotiate better freight rates by aligning shipping costs with market trends.

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Live arbitrage calculations

Sparta Global ARBs lets you gain strategic insights into gasoline market trends to anticipate global demand and trade flows. We provide arbitrage routes for gasoline covering the ARA, HOU, SING and AG regions. Access real-time insights to analyse how arbitrage opportunities evolve over time so you capture tradeable opportunities before your competition. Our forward-looking perspective on physical commodity flows enables you to anticipate market movements and trade with conviction.

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Live price discovery of blend values

Benefit from unparalleled insights into the world’s gasoline blending regions: ARA, Houston, Singapore and AG, including prompt and forward blend values. Our Custom Blender enables you to build and assess your custom blends to maintain your competitive advantage, or create stress-test scenarios. Get the power of gasoline price discovery to better understand the market, be more effective in negotiations, and run sensitivity analysis to get the maximum price when selling your components.

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Sparta for Excel: Sparta's forward pricing live in Excel

Gain real-time access to all global pricing information for swaps, futures, physical premiums, and freight directly in Excel. Our Excel add-in enables you to export portfolios and products directly to Excel from Sparta’s Live Curves with just a few clicks, empowering you to perform in-depth analyses, create dynamic charts, and implement bespoke trading models effortlessly. The Sparta for Excel add-in is directly available from the Microsoft Store, ensuring a secure and seamless installation.

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Philip Jones-Lux

Commodity Owner


Philip Jones-Lux is a Commodity Owner for Sparta. Having worked with organisations such as JBC Energy and RP Global, Philip is a seasoned energy market analyst with expertise across the oil barrel and energy markets.

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