Trade with conviction

For traders who want to anticipate future pricing trends and seize opportunities, Sparta provides real-time, actionable market intelligence. Sparta is built by traders for traders and sets itself apart from data analytics providers by giving you forward-looking, actionable insights.

Meet the Sparta platform

Your all-in-one market, forecasting and live intelligence platform

We know that maximising your speed to market with intelligence and insights, not just data, will give you the edge. Sparta sources and cleans high-quality data from world-leading brokerages and data houses, then analyses and interprets that data for you in real time. All of which enables you to confidently determine where opportunities exist, faster, and trade with conviction.


Instant, real-time pricing

Sparta’s leading data aggregation gives you instant and up-to-date pricing discovery. Stop wasting time sourcing, processing and analysing data, and capture market opportunities as soon as they arise.

Clarity and conviction

Traders are overwhelmed with noisy, irrelevant data, which makes it difficult to know what data is valuable and trustworthy. Sparta sources and cleans high-quality data from world-leading brokerages and data houses for you, giving you reliable insights on demand.

Forward-looking intelligence

We don’t just report on what’s already happened, but help you calculate what’s likely to happen next. Sparta analyses and interprets data for you, and generates actionable intelligence in real time. We make it easier for you to anticipate market trends and trade with confidence.

Unbeatable market coverage

Tailor-made products to meet specific market demands

Traders need relevant intelligence about the product they are trading, as each product has its own specific set of attributes that require specialised data and tools. Sparta is built on a per-product basis, so each new release is designed specifically around the needs of that market. We provide the specific data and tools needed to work within your product, all under one convenient platform.


Sparta’s physical gasoline market information, combined with industry-leading live blending and clean freight models, delivers live, forward-looking insight into global trade flows and trends for the gasoline market.



Sparta’s physical distillate market information, industry-leading forward-looking arbitrage, and streamlined freight models deliver insights into global trade flows and trends for the distillate market.



Sparta’s physical naphtha market information, including industry-leading, forward-looking arbitrage and clean freight models, deliver insights into global market impacts and trends.



Instantly determine the best crude for each refinery type and anticipate global trade flows by comparing the GPWs of different grades across regions in real time.



Coming soon: our LNG-dedicated product offering Live Curves, Global ARBs and Freight Calculator specific to the LNG market.


Fuel Oil

Due for take-off soon: Sparta’s product for fuel oil traders, offering relevant Live Curves, Global ARBs and Freight Calculator.



Register your interest in our upcoming LPG product, providing LPG traders with dedicated Live Curves, Global ARBs and Freight Calculator.



Register your interest in our upcoming freight vertical. Providing cross-barrel actionable insights driven by Sparta’s industry-leading Global ARBs for unmatched trade and vessel positioning.

Sparta User

“You can definitely tell Sparta was designed with the Trader and Analyst workflow in mind.”

Sparta User

“This is impressive. I haven’t seen anything like this before.”

Sparta User

“I stopped updating my Excel sheet 4 months ago.”

Sparta User

“I’ve not run a manual blend in months.”

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