Introducing Sparta for Crude: unparalleled market intelligence for the crude oil market

11 March 2024 Time to read:  minutes



[Geneva, March 11th, 2024] – We’re delighted to announce that we are now providing early access to our new vertical – Sparta for Crude.

Sparta’s upcoming crude vertical has been tailor-made to meet the intricate needs of the crude oil market all under one platform.

Integrating both paper and physical crude market information, combined with industry-leading realistic crude refined margins and dirty freight models. Sparta for Crude delivers live, forward-looking insight into pricing across dozens of crudes and how that impacts the global crude oil market. This enables traders to instantly compare cross-crude and cross-regional crude valuations.


Sparta is the only market intelligence platform for commodity traders that focuses exclusively on the forward market. Delivering actionable insights on opportunities that can still be traded.

Our crude vertical provides a detailed and real-time view of the global crude market. While enabling traders to compare crude benchmarks into specific regions, assess freight options, compare refined margins, and understand pricing impacts on benchmarks such as Brent and WTI.

Sparta is designed to identify the gap between price and value, and crude traders can look forward to the same suite of features as their gasoline, distillate and naphtha counterparts, alongside new features tailor-made for the crude market:

Live Curves: Real-time access to global pricing information for swaps, futures, physical premiums, and freight at your fingertips. Accessible from anywhere in the world via a web browser, Sparta’s mobile iOS application, or Excel.

Sparta Global ARBs: Anticipate global trade flows in a dynamic market through live arbitrage calculations, with live margins into pricing centres.

Forward Refined Margins: Instantly determine the best crude for each refinery type and anticipate global trade flows by comparing the GPWs of different grades across regions in real-time.

Dirty Freight Calculator: Instant access to reliable prompt and forward freight rates for 450+ global routes across vessel classes.

Enhancements to the Sparta for Crude platform will continuously be added throughout the month of March and beyond.




Crude is just the next step in Sparta’s journey, which will eventually lead us to add full barrel coverage to our platform in the long term. In the short to medium term, Sparta will be adding verticals on a frequent basis throughout 2024.


Early access to the Sparta for Crude platform is now available. Book a demo to see the platform in action and learn about our exclusive early adopter offers.

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