By Origin view, now available for diesel Global ARBs 

26 March 2024 Time to read:  minutes

[Geneva, March 26th, 2024] – Sparta, the leading provider of live market intelligence and forecasting for oil traders, is delighted to announce the new “By Origin” view in Global ARBs for diesel.  

In a significant enhancement to Sparta for Distillate, a tailor-made market intelligence platform for middle-distillate traders, Sparta now provides a comprehensive, forward-looking perspective on where diesel flows point from the major diesel exporting regions to their global destinations. 


Having forward-looking insight into diesel flows from major exporting regions to global destinations is a game-changer for middle-distillate traders. This not only enables traders to anticipate global trade flows for diesel but also provides unparalleled speed to market and informed decision-making. 

The platform’s Global ARBs – feature enables traders to anticipate trade flows through live arbitrage calculations, with live margins into pricing centres.


Sparta for Distillate is tailor-made to meet the needs of middle-distillate traders, giving you easy access to actionable, real-time market intelligence. Providing specific insights and tools that middle-distillate traders need under one platform to capture opportunities first and trade with conviction.  



For traders who want to anticipate future pricing trends and seize opportunities, Sparta provides real-time, actionable market intelligence. Sparta is built by traders for traders and sets itself apart from data analytics providers by delivering forward-looking, actionable insights. 

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