Introducing Sparta for Naphtha: Empowering Naphtha Traders with Unparalleled Market Intelligence

4 September 2023 Time to read:  minutes

[Geneva, September 4th 2023] – Sparta, the leading provider of live market intelligence and forecasting for oil traders, is delighted to announce the launch of Sparta for Naphtha, the latest vertical in their revolutionary platform for traders.

A turnkey intelligence and data solution for traders, the Sparta platform is the only data platform on the market that concentrates exclusively on the forward market, providing live scouting of tradable opportunities.

Sparta for Naphtha offers traders in the Naphtha market the same powerful access to global trading insights enjoyed by their gasoline and distillate counterparts.

  • Sparta Global ARBs™ – Live naphtha arbitrage calculations, with live margins into pricing centres
  • Live Curves – Access to all curves, from all regions, in one view and access to historical forward prices, with the ability to compare, contrast and analyse historical pricing trends to identify new patterns and new opportunities
  • Freight Calculator – Up-to-date, reliable prompt and forward freight rates

Unlocking Global Opportunities

Sparta’s innovative platform aims to simplify and enhance the trading process for naphtha traders. With real-time global arbitrage opportunities and live price discovery, Sparta empowers traders with the knowledge they need to make well-informed decisions in today’s rapidly changing market.

Sparta’s Global ARBs for Naphtha provide traders with unique real-time insight into the market, providing real-time arbitrage opportunities

A Proven Track Record

Founded in 2020, Sparta has made a significant impact in the commodity analytics industry, gaining recognition for its cutting-edge solutions. The company secured a substantial $6 million Series A investment from Singular, a prominent European venture firm, in March 2022. Notably, Sparta’s client base includes industry giants such as Equinor, Philips 66, Chevron, and BB Energy.

The platform’s Live Curves feature provides traders with real-time global pricing data, allowing them to access curves, from all regions, in one view.

The Sparta Difference

The brainchild of former traders Miles Moseley and Felipe Elink Schuurman, the Sparta platform addresses a common challenge faced by traders worldwide. By integrating physical and paper markets, Sparta breaks down data silos, providing seamless access to global raw prices encompassing futures, swaps, forward freight, and physical premiums.

Expanding Opportunities

Sparta’s journey began by catering exclusively to gasoline traders and later expanded to distillate traders. Now, with the launch of Sparta for Naphtha, we are excited to take the next step in our ambitious growth plans. In the coming 12 months, the platform’s availability will extend to full barrel coverage, offering even more opportunities for traders.

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