Sparta’s gasoline blender empowers global trading organisation to seize opportunities globally ahead of competitors

The Problem: expanding gasoline blending operations without access to global insights

A global oil trading organisation, distinguished by a commitment to innovation and consistently achieving long-term results for clients and shareholders, was looking to expand their gasoline blending operations.

Trading with conviction can only happen with access to reliable, forward-looking intelligence and actionable insights. However, without access to an in-house blender and limited blending experience, the company’s traders struggled to get access to trustworthy and timely information.

“I was actually looking for a solution on the blending side because blending itself is a science as well as an art. I wasn’t trained as a blender, and we don’t have access to a blender here. Once I finish my own blend sheet, the nomenclature will be to verify and clarify the blend value with the market. However, the market is the market; everyone is individualistic – the right answer is never clear. In this business, the accuracy of pricing will directly affect P/L”.

Global trader

Solution: Real-time market intelligence from Sparta

The organisation had been actively searching for a gasoline blending solution that provides access to global insights and speed to market but had yet to find a gasoline blender that
meets their needs. They then tried Sparta, the live market intelligence and forecasting platform for traders.

Sparta’s physical gasoline market information, combined with industry-leading live blending and clean freight models, delivers live, forward-looking insight into pricing for all blending regions and how that impacts the global gasoline market. This enables traders to spot opportunities that can still be traded. Sparta’s cloud blender is pre-populated, providing unparalleled speed to market and enabling live price discovery of prompt and forward blend values from the world’s gasoline blending regions.

“I mean, can you get access to another blender? Yes, you can, but you’ll be slower. I would have needed to discuss values with other traders, but I use Sparta instead. Sparta is a good reference to get certain values of other grades of gasoline that have been handled outside of Asia.”

Global trader

Benefits: trading with conviction through the power of forward-looking market intelligence

With market intelligence powered by Sparta, the organisation has gained crucial insights into global trade flows, enabling them to identify and understand trends, manage risk, and identify profitable opportunities before its competition.

“You run your own blending sheet as well, and sometimes, if Sparta covers the route, I don’t have to go to my charterer; I just run it through Sparta. So, Sparta is quite efficient. A few other vendors have approached me and mentioned they can offer me live curves and other services at a lower price than Sparta. But ultimately, I explain to them that there are services on the Sparta platform, such as the blender, arbs and freight, that they cannot provide.”

Global trader

Thanks to Sparta, the global trading organisation has access to live market intelligence that adds conviction to how they trade. Sparta has become essential to the trader’s daily life, turning doubt and indecision into insight-driven action.

“I had a discussion with some traders today. The trader mentioned that the morning curve was at a certain price, and I said no, as per Sparta’s live curves, it’s actually closer to this. Then his face changed, so you know what that means. Sparta is a very useful tool that I can access anywhere on my mobile.”

Customer: Anonymous

Product: Gasoline and Distillate

Type of Organisation: Global Trading Organisation

Location: Asia

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