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Sparta launches Historical Forwards feature

We’re proud to announce the launch of Sparta Historical Forwards, giving our users access to valuable insights into prior market trends, enabling them to make better-informed trading decisions based on past performance.

One of our most-requested features, Sparta Historical Forwards allows traders to understand underlying trends and spot new opportunities:

  • Compare historical prices of forwards contracts on a month-on-month or quarter-on-quarter basis
  • See frequency of historical price changes
  • Understand how any given month’s contract compares vs the highest or lowest points of previous year’s contracts

Powered by historical datapoints provided by our partners, the feature provides live chart comparisons for selected timeframes alongside calculated relative performance data, showing comparative year-on-year performance numbers broken down by month or quarter.

The ability to quickly and accurately assess historical patterns across a range of instruments adds valuable context to current pricing signals and allows for another level of insight to help forecast how the market will develop going forward, and therefore make the right trade at the right time.

– Philip Jones-Lux, Sparta Analyst and Commodity Owner

Sparta Historical Forwards

The feature is available for users of both Sparta for Gasoline and Sparta for Distillate.

Sparta Historical Forwards are available for 15+ curves at launch, with dozens of new curves to be added on an ongoing basis.

Existing users can access the feature by navigating to Live Curves > Historical Forwards within the relevant vertical.

“Sparta is committed to providing our traders with the best tools and resources to help them capture market opportunities first. The launch of historical forwards is a testament to this commitment.

“Today we start with OTC swap forward curves, but soon we will be incorporating all of our raw and distilled data such as forward freight, Cash diffs, blend values, arbitrage values etc. Traders will not only have access to live worldwide trading opportunities, but also the historical context to make a more informed decision”

– Felipe Elink Schuurman, Sparta co-founder and CEO

If you’re interested in learning more about Sparta Historical Forwards, or the Sparta platform in general, please contact us to book a demo.

Sparta is a live, pre trade analytics platform that enables oil traders, refiners, banks, hedge funds and wholesalers to have access to real-time and global actionable insights to capture market opportunities before others.

To find out how Sparta can allow you to make smarter trading decisions, faster, contact us for a demonstration at

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