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Oil Trading: How to Beat the Competition

October 27, 2022


Following an enlightening session led by Sparta CEO Felipe Elink Schuurman, traders gained insights to sharpen their competitive edge in the fast-paced world of trading.

Acknowledging the adage “Time is money,” participants were reminded of the importance of accessing live market data swiftly. The session highlighted the inefficiencies of traditional data collection methods and questioned why traders still operate this way in an era of technological advancement.

Felipe outlined strategies to overcome these challenges, including leveraging knowledge of blending and arbitrage economics for better supplier negotiations, analysing competitors’ blend margins for purchasing advantages, and discreetly gathering price information to maintain confidentiality.

Armed with these insights, traders left the session equipped to revolutionise their practices, making informed decisions swiftly and seizing opportunities with confidence.

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About the speakers


Felipe Elink Schuurman


Felipe Elink Schuurman is CEO and Founder of Sparta. A former trader, Felipe drives strategic vision and growth at Sparta. Before Sparta, Felipe worked and traded for BP, Vertical and Gunvor.


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