Sparta’s forward-looking market intelligence is adapting to uncertainty in the Red Sea

22 February 2024 Time to read:  minutes


[Geneva, February 22nd, 2024] – Sparta, the leading provider of live market intelligence and forecasting for oil traders, is delighted to announce Arbs via the Cape.

The Middle East and the Red Sea region are at the crossroads of critical geopolitical challenges that significantly influence commodity flows globally. Hosting vital maritime routes such as the Suez Canal, which is essential for the global transportation of oil and other commodities.

In response to threats and disruptions in the Red Sea, traders may need to consider alternative routes, such as the longer journey around the Cape of Good Hope.


In today’s rapidly evolving market, Sparta’s ability to swiftly respond to changes in market dynamics is a game-changer for traders.

To address the impact of recent developments in the Middle East and the Red Sea, Sparta now enables traders to view arbitrage routes both via Suez and via the Cape across all our verticals. Sparta’s proactive approach empowers our clients to seize new opportunities and mitigate risks in the face of uncertainty.

The platform’s Global ARBs – Dashboard feature enables traders to anticipate global trade flows through live arbitrage calculations with live margins into pricing centres.


While the Red Sea’s challenges pose risks, they can also create opportunities for traders who can navigate the complexities effectively. Agile traders may benefit from price fluctuations, shortages, or the demand for alternative supply routes, leveraging their expertise and Sparta’s forward-looking market intelligence to gain a competitive advantage and trade with conviction.


For traders who want to anticipate future pricing trends and seize opportunities, Sparta provides real-time, actionable market intelligence. Sparta is built by traders for traders and sets itself apart from data analytics providers by delivering forward-looking, actionable insights.

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