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Sparta Spring Webinar: The Search for Trades 

Mark your calendars for March 21, 2024, at 3:00 PM GMT, because Sparta’s panel of oil industry experts is gearing up to deliver our spring webinar.  

From the comfort of your own home, get access to oil market analysis from a panel of experts covering the most crucial insights that are shaping the oil market today.  

Can’t make it to the live event? No problem! Registrants will have access to the recording on-demand, so you can catch up at your convenience. 

Register now to secure your spot and make sure you’re in lockstep with the latest news coming out of the oil market.

Here’s what you can expect from our line-up of seasoned professionals: 

Date and Time: March 21, 2024, 3:00 PM GMT 
Location: Online 


  1. State of Inventories – Navigating summer’s potential volatility dive deep into the factors driving the ebb and flow of stockpiles and gain valuable strategies for navigating potential volatility in the upcoming summer season. 
  1. Refinery Turnarounds and New Capacity: Market dynamics unveiled explore how industry shifts in refinery turnarounds and new capacity impact changes to the macroeconomic climate and uncover opportunities for growth and adaptation. 
  1. Geopolitical Tensions and Shipping Routes: Navigating uncertainty; examine the lingering geopolitical tensions and their influence on shipping routes, and gain insights into effective strategies for navigating uncertainty in today’s complex global landscape. 
  1. State of Demand: From the industrial giants of China and India to the West; delve into the factors shaping demand and setting the rhythm for crude markets and gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of demand dynamics. 
  1. Crude Preview: Get an exclusive preview of the Crude vertical and stay ahead of the curve with insights from our experts. 

The webinar will conclude with an engaging Q&A session where you will have the opportunity to interact directly with our panellists and get your burning questions answered. 


  • Jorge Molinero Sanz – Commodity Owner, Naphtha

Jorge Molinero serves as the Commodity Owner for Naphtha and LPG at Sparta. Having started his career as a financial analyst with BBVA; he transitioned to market intelligence within the energy sector, spending four years as a naphtha analyst with Repsol before joining Sparta in early 2023.

  • Rachel Williams – Chief Commodity Owner 

Rachel Williams, Sparta’s Chief Commodities Officer, brings over 20 years of expertise in global research, multinational banks; and leading oil and exploration entities. She leads Sparta’s Commodities and Analytics team, shaping the platform with her extensive experience in the oil & gas industry. 

  • Michael Ryan – Commodity Owner, Freight 

Michael Ryan, the Commodity Owner for Freight, has over a decade of experience with Trafigura in the energy sector, managing risk across products and regions. He previously served as the Head of Risk for subsidiary Puma Energy before joining the Trafigura commercial team , where he successfully grew the physical fleet through strategic dealmaking. 

  • Samantha Hartke – Commodity Owner 

Samantha Hartke; a veteran in commodity management has substantial expertise in energy analysis and product management. In her previous roles at Energy Aspects and Petrochem Wire; she provided high-quality analysis of global natural gas liquids markets and North American NGLs and olefins, respectively. 

  • James Noel-Beswick – Commodity Owner – Distillate  

James Noel-Beswick is the Commodity Owner for Distillate at Sparta. With previous roles as an analyst at BP and Shell; he leads the ongoing development of Sparta’s distillate product vertical. 

Sparta is a live, market intelligence and forecasting platform that enables oil traders, refiners, banks, hedge funds and wholesalers to have access to real-time and global actionable insights to capture market opportunities before others.

To find out how Sparta can allow you to make smarter trading decisions, faster, contact us for a demonstration at

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